Item #DAV101

1ml – (4-6 applications)

True Minerals is a high potency Vital Mineral & Desensitizing treatment. It contains 73 trace minerals and other key ingredients that are essential to healthy teeth and enamel.


Treatment time is 5-10 minutes and will replenish the teeth with vital minerals that:

  • Strengthen enamel

  • Repair damaged enamel

  • Safeguard against enamel erosion

  • Help prevent tooth decay

  • Helps to eliminate tooth sensitivity

  • Reverse the effects of decalcification (White Spots)


For Repair, Decalcification, and General Tooth Health: Brush a thin layer of gel to the top and bottom of the teeth. Do not rinse. Let the gel absorb into the saliva. Recommended use – a minimum of once a week.

Item #DAV102

10 ml - (10 - 12 applications)

The DaVinci Professional Home Maintenance Kit can be used by itself or as monthly maintenance between in-office whitening sessions. It allows you to safely remove stains that have accumulated on your teeth, helping keep your teeth as healthy and white as possible.

Benefits of using the DaVinci Home Maintenance Kit:

  • Works to remove stains caused by dark-colored foods, beverages, and tobacco

  • Pain-Free with little, if any, sensitivity*

  • Kills bad breath and germs

  • Will not damage any existing dental work

  • Easy to use

  • Highly affordable


Included in Home Maintenance Kit:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening gel 

  • Whitening tray

  • Tray case

  • Tooth shade card and instructions for initial use


*For patients that are prone to sensitivity, apply the TrueMinerals Desensitizing Gel prior to the whitening treatment.


Item #DAV103

3 ml (3 - 4 applications)

Works like the Standard Kit PLUS:

  • A Whitening Light – used to activate the gel and speed up the whitening process for a faster, more dramatic effect.

  • The option to receive free whitening gel for life!


  • Hydrogen Peroxide whitening gel

  • Moldable whitening tray

  • Tray case

  • Tooth shade card


  • Instructions

Hydrogen Peroxide Brush-On Gel

Item #DAV104

2.5 ml (120 applications)

  • Convenient and easy to use

  • Instantly brightens teeth without having to rinse or brush

  • freshens breath and kills germs

  • Removes the film from teeth that is left behind by food, beverage, and tobacco products

  • Promotes healthy teeth and gums

  • Fights against gingivitis and tooth decay