Packed full of beneficial and skin enriching ingredients, our Skin Perfecting Lotion will leave your skin hydrated and rejuvenated while providing a gradual, natural tan.

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  • Perfect for any age 

  • Can be used on its own, as a gradual self-tanner or can be used in conjunction with a spray tan as a Tan Extender

  • Formulated with Caffeine Extract and Niacinamide (along with other amazing ingredients) to give the skin a smoother appearance and restore dull or aging skin.

What makes this gradual tanner so great???



Kukui Nut Oil: Brought to Hawaii more than 1600 years ago from the Polynesians Islands, the Kukui Nut has been roasted and hard pressed to produce the extremely beneficial Kukui Nut Oil. The Kuki Nut Oil has natural antioxidant properties and is high in essential fatty acids! This oil is an excellent moisturizer as it settled deeply into the stratum corneum while it also plumps and firms the skin. It can help heal sunburn, soothe acne and is known to aid in other skin conditions, such as eczema!

Jojoba Oil: A native plant to the state of California, Jojoba Oil is packed full nutrients like vitamin B and E. It is extremely hydrating and provides long lasting moisturization. Because it is lighter than most facial oils, it has the capability of absorbing quickly and more efficiently into the skin. This oil will leave your skin healthy and glowing!

Cucumber Extract: Known to be an amazing superfood for the skin, cucumber extract is full of cooling properties, antioxidants and has powerful anti-aging benefits. Cucumber Extract provides deep hydration while soothing and relieving you skin.

Grape Extract: A great source of vitamin C and E, Grape Extract is an all-natural, active skin care ingredient that is extremely beneficial to all skin types. Grape Extract is known to protect the skin from harmful UV rays and free radicals. Working with the caffeine extract in our Skin Perfecting Lotion, this ingredient will firm and plum up the skin – giving a more smooth and toned appearance!

Sunflower Extract:  Acting as a natural emollient, Sunflower Extract contains a high dosage of Vitamin E allowing moisture to absorb into the skin and stay there! Also rich in Vitamins A, C and D, Sunflower Extract helps fight acne and can also reduce the signs of aging, reduce inflammation and sooth irritated skin!


The Do’s and Don’ts of Skin Perfecting Lotion



  • Prep your skin as you would for a spray tan for best results

  • Do wait at least 4 hours before applying after a hot shower and 12-18 hours after exfoliating/shaving for best results

  • Do apply with your hands or with a Sjolie Applicator Mitt.

  • Do apply in long circular motions, start at the legs and work your way up.

  • Do wash your hands, including in between your fingers, thoroughly after application with soap and water – if applied with bare hands

  • Do take your time with applying and avoid moving quickly through application to avoid any missed areas

  • Do store in a temperature-controlled room



  • Do not shave or Exfoliate right before application or apply directly out of the shower

  • Do not apply liberally to hands, feet, knees, elbows, or ankles

  • Do not come into contact with water or sweat (with the exception of washing hands after application) for 8 hours.

  • Do not except “instant” color. – this is a gradual tanner and will need a full 8 hours to develop

How To Apply Gradual Tanners


Apply to clean, and prepped skin. Avoid applying the Skin Perfecting Lotion directly out of the shower or immediately after exfoliating and shaving. Apply to the skin using your hands or with a Sjolie Applicator Mitt. The application should be in long circular motions where color is wanted. Apply every 2-3 days depending on the desired outcome.

Tip!   If using Skin Perfecting with an existing Spray Tan, wait a full 48-72 hours after the initial appointment to apply. This will avoid any overdevelopment or having too much DHA on the skin.