You want to make sure that you fake tan comes out as natural-looking and seamless as possible, right? You know what to do - EXFOLIATE! If you have been doing any fake tan research, then I know you are probably sick of that word. But its real y'all.

I have been fake tanning for a long time I thought that  3-day tans with uneven splotches here and there were the norm. I've learned that it's NOT when you take the time to prep your skin correctly. Its preferable to start with fresh, new hydrated skin cells. 


For best results, prep your skin in the following sequence...

  1. If you have old tan build-up, remove it with a Tan Eraser. 

  2. Shower, shave and exfoliate with a body scrub, like Sjolie's Body Scrub.

  3. Right before you apply your sunless tanner, apply a pH balancing spray, such as the Tan Maximizer Mist, to even out and hydrate your skin.

Tip: Turn the hot water off toward the end of your shower. The cold water will help your pores to close up faster ensuring that the tanner doesn't seep in resulting in dots.

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