As Certified Sunless Technicians, we provide a controlled tan that is consistent across your whole body; even in those hard to reach areas. To ensure natural looking, optimum results, we customize the tanning solution color to your unique, individual skin tone based on the shade you wish to achieve. Our tanning solution is made to ensure a long-lasting tan that is never orange or streaky.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best Spray Tan, and best tanning experience, you have ever had. That is why each Spray Tan comes with 3 Tan Enhancements at no additional cost. 

pH Balancing Prep Treatment 

Prepares your skin to evenly and fully absorb the tanning solution, resulting in a more naturally looking, longer lasting Tan.

Glow by Erin Finishing Powder

I am so proud to be offering this product to my clients. After your spray tan, we apply this powder to your skin with a full-body application brush. It eliminates the wet, sticky feeling and smells amazing. Plus, you can get dressed immediately without bronzer staining your clothes. The cost is normally $10-$15 per application, but in our quest to give you the ultimate tanning experience, we incur that cost.


Shimmer / Scent Drops 

We add the enhancement of your choice to the Spray Solution resulting in extra sparkling skin or sweet smells.


Additional enhancements offered



And More!

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All of the sunless tanning products we use are made with naturally derived DHA and other organic ingredients from the farms of California. They are Paraben-free, Erythrulose-free and Fragrance-free, and are packed with antioxidant vitamins that are proven to be beneficial to your skin.