DaVinci Teeth Whitening Before and After Care


Prior to Your Appointment…

  • Do not brush your teeth at least 4 hours prior to whitening. Brushing can cause abrasions which can lead to gum irritation. During this time, feel free to rinse with mouthwash or gently floss when needed.

  • It’s wise to eat before coming in for your appointment - Except for water, you will not be able to eat or drink anything for 2 hours following the appointment.


After Your Appointment…

  • Drink plenty of water over the next couple of hours. Being hydrated decreases any possible tooth sensitivity.

  • Avoid eating for 2 hours following your appointment.

  • Do not smoke or chew tobacco for at least 2 hours.

  • NO – coffee, soda, tea, cool-aid, red wine, tomato sauce, red meat, dark-colored vegetables, or anything with heavy color for at least 24 hours

  • YES – water, white wine, white chicken, pork, turkey, noodles, white sauce, white cheese, potatoes, etc. after 2 hours.

  • NEXT 48 HOURS: brush very gently with white toothpaste. DO NOT BRUSH YOUR GUMS, avoid using whitening or baking soda toothpaste.

  • Any sensitivity you may experience is typically gone within 24 hours. You may choose to purchase the True Minerals Davinci Desensitizing Gel or take a mild pain reliever.

  • Use the DaVinci Home Maintenance Kit and/or On-The-Go Whitening Pen to help maintain your smile.    

You can purchase the DaVinci maintenance products at your appointment, or anytime by contacting Claire.